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Killtest IBM Storage 000-200題庫資訊

July 1st, 2011
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Killtest 000-200幫助很多考生成功通過 考試。IBM Storage Sales V1 認證作為全球IT領域專家 IBM 熱門認證之一,是許多大中IT企業選擇人才標準的必備條件。 如果你正在準備 000-200 考試,為 IBM IBM Storage Sales V1認證做最後衝刺,又苦於沒有絕對權威的考試真題模擬。

000-200 考試是 IBM 公司的 IBM Storage Sales V1 認證考試官方代號,Killtest 的 000-200 權威考試題庫軟體是 IBM 認證廠商的授權產品,Killtest 絕對保證第一次參加 000-200 考試的考生即可順利通過,否則承諾全額退款!… Continue reading

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IBM 000-200 Test Objectives

October 23rd, 2009
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Gather Customer Requirements
Qualify the customer by confirming their expectations, identifying their decision making process, and ascertaining their compelling reason(s) to act.
Determine financial justification for system acquisition (TCA, TCO, ROI, customer budget, business goals).
Determine customer’s growth requirements, upgradeability, and useful product life (current and future performance and capacity).
Identify and describe business requirements that can be met by IBM Storage capabilities and technologies.
Gathering application types, capacity in… Continue reading

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Information about 000-200 Q&A

October 18th, 2009
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 IBM  has  a lot of  Exam code, such as 000-223,000-237,000-330. But  now 000-200 exam  is the  hottest in the IBM Certification System. 000-200  Test   is  the  latest  in the  IBM  Certification world. the latest 000-200 Q&A, it contains  50 Q&As,  full name is IBM Storage Sales V1,Oct-14-2009 update. IBM 000-200 exam  belong to sales certification  about  IBM sales certification system world.

000-200 free down

Test information:
Number of questions: at… Continue reading

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IBM 000-200考古題資訊

October 17th, 2009
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目前IBM 000-200 在中國的IBM 認證業界是比較熱門一項考試。IBM 最新題庫涵蓋考題50 Q&As,全稱:IBM Storage Sales V1,  09年10月14日進行了最新更新。IBM certifications I 000-200考試考古題由“KillTest認證題庫網”資深IT認證講師和IBM certifications I產品專家結合Prometric或VUE的真實考試環境最新原題精心打造。000-200考古題助您一次輕鬆通過考試。IBM 000-200考試是針對IBM 銷售證照的一項強有力的考試科目。


1. Which of the following competitors offers customers a virtual tape solution for mainframes?
D.Sun Storage TekWArialCourier NewZX
Answer: D
2. Which of the following customer environments is addressed by the NSeries?
A.A customer wanting to implement a global file system
B.A customer with Windows… Continue reading

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